934 Gallery

934 Gallery showcases over 1,500 square feet of exhibition space in the Milo-Grogan district of Columbus, Ohio. The gallery was born in the spirit of Milo Arts, aiming to restore the historic neighbourhood of Milo-Grogan and its vibrant community.

934 Gallery features local, national and international artists, focusing on bringing a fresh perspective to contemporary art through exciting and thought-provoking exhibitions, installations, performances and public art projects.

For more information about 934 Gallery, please visit their website.

Milo-Grogan Butterfly Garden

In 2016, a group of artists connected to Milo Arts transformed a vacant plot strewn with trash between buildings into a thriving haven for monarch butterflies and humans alike.   

The Milo-Grogan Butterfly Garden exists to provide an enriching environment for youth to experience the beauty of the monarch, find inspiration, and gather with friends and family to build a stronger sense of community. MGBG won a Columbus SOUP Neighborhood Revitalization Project grant in August 2017 and is a certified Monarch Waystation, providing an abundance of milkweed to sustain the endangered species.

For more information about the Milo-Grogan Butterfly Garden, please visit their facebook page

Recording Studio

Many of the resident musicians at Milo Arts have recorded at the neighboring  recording studio, along with a variety of local musicians spanning genres from folk to electronica as well as a radio theater performance. The Racket Club’s goal is to help bands and individual artists focus on discovering their best sound.  

For more information about Racket Club Recording Studio, please visit the website